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Cedhost.com Hosting Features
The three steps for our free hosting are very simple: register, uploadand manage. Registration is simple and painless, you only have tosubmit two very simple form after which you are a 100% free, no stringsattached member or our service.
After the simple registration procedure, your site has beencreated. You start out by uploading your resources. This can be HTMLpages, PHP scripts, images and stylesheets. Anything to make a modernsite. Because our systems adapts to changes on the fly, there are nodelays! After uploading your resources, you can immediately view thesite. Under our or your domain!
After your site is online and running, you might want to make somechanges, view the statistics, add more sites etc. All these tasks areprovided by the easy to use control panel and sitemanager. Use FTP orthe sitemanager to change or add files, use the control panel to makeyour site a success!
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5GB of webspace. 5GB of webspace is a lot. You could havemillions of webpages (depending on their content), hundred of thousandsof images, thousands of videos, etc…
20GB of bandwidth. Bandwidth is like gas for a car.Everytime a visitor will go on your website, it will use bandwidth. Itis reset to zero on the first of every month. With 20GB of bandwidth,you can have anywhere from 1 million to 1 billion visitors per month(depending on your webpage content).
20 MySQL databases. Many applications, such as forums,blogs, video and picture databases need MySQL to function. Usually oneMySQL databse per forum, blog or video and picture databse issufficient, so with 20 MySQL databases, you could create up to 20websites that require MySQL.
PhpMyAdmin. PhPMyAdmin is used to manage your MySQL database.
FTP access. Trasnfer your files quickly and easily from your computer to the server.
PHP hosting. Upload PHP files onto the server. PHP is the scripting language of forums and blogs.
File manager. Easily manage your files with our user friendly File manager.
Host your own domain or subdomain. Get your free subdomainwith us or bring your own domain from a registrar. Please note that wedo not sell domain names, so you will have to buy one from a registrar,such as [url=javascript:submitCJ10378406X334(]www.GoDaddy.com [/url].
No banner ads. We do not put any banner ads on your website.
Advanced web statistics (Awstats 6.4) Track where your visitors come from, what browser they use, how long they stay on your site, how many pages they visit, etc…
20 Auto-install scripts Simply select the application youwant and it is installed directly into your targeted directory. Nohassel, no wasted time. The 20 auto-install applications are:4images, bBlog, coppermine, cutenews, gallery, Joomla, Mambo, MyBB,MylittleForum, Nucleus, osCommerce, phpBB2, sBlog, SMF, tikiwig, UseBB,wikiwig, wordpress, Xoops, ZenCart.
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Cedhost.com Hosting
Our hosting facilities are of the highest quality and performance characteristics. Youcan expect great service and uptime from our servers and systems. We offer:

  • High performance, dual and quad core Inter server machines
  • No cheap hardware, but high quality, A-grade machines
  • Fast and redundant networks, routers and firewalls
  • Monitoring of all systems to provide 24/7, 100% uptime
  • 24/7 support on our hardware and network services
  • Managed software and hardware for your guaranteed uptime

We continuously work to update and upgrade our hosting and network systems to give youthe best performance we can possibly manage for you. We will continue to do this foryou as long as we are in business!Cedhost.com Network facilities
Our servers are on multi-gigabit redundant network systems, offering great features like:

  • Multiple backbone connections
  • Cisco systems hardware
  • Automated IP routing
  • Gigabit server-to-internet connections
  • Dedicated support

To make sure you have the very best quality of hosting anduptime, we combined multiple large backbone connections toform a fast, redundant and superior quality of service for you.
We work with the following backbone providers for this:

  • NTT/Verio
  • Abovenet
  • Internap
  • Global crossing
  • Level3
  • 申请地址 http://www.cedhost.com/register.jsp
    We do not accept the following websites:
    proxy, image hosting, file hosting, 18 + websites, hacking, phishing, casino, warez, torrent trackers, torrent script, doorway pages, using your accounts mainly for files/folders/music/images/videos storage, chat room, radio blog. Your website will be deleted without warning.

    Enter below text in the box on the registration page:
    I will never create an unauthorized website on cedhost.com